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  Delphi Save And Restore


Here is a small utility that allows you to create. ZIP files and. REG registry keys previously selected to save them in a specified folder.
Backup once created can be restored with one click.
I wrote this little program to save and restore my personal files and settings from my favorite development tool, namely Delphi.

It is not intended to create backups of the entire system, there are more powerful software for do that!

No english translation of the program at this time. You can ask me for it.

Some features:
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Seven.
  • License GPL v2 Source available.
  • Backup ZIP format for files.
  • Backup REG format for registry keys
  • Skinnable interface.
  • Available language: French.
Name Version Downloaded Link
Delphi Save And Restore NEW 1.0.2 Build 49 12042 fois Download
Source NEW 1.0.2 Build 49 11963 fois Download
Delphi Save And Restore 1.0.2 Build 48 11885 fois Download
Source 1.0.2 Build 48 11880 fois Download
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