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Report help

All about the Wine Cellar 3D program

Re: Report help

Messagepar Michael Dillon » 31 Mars 2016, 00:27

I tried your latest East template but I get the following error message.

error in expression.PNG
error in expression.PNG (69.17 Kio) Consulté 4948 fois
Michael Dillon
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Inscription : 26 Février 2016, 04:17

Re: Report help

Messagepar Alexandre » 31 Mars 2016, 11:00

A fixed version :?
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Re: Report help

Messagepar MichaelD » 06 Mai 2016, 03:03

I started using the ideal template 2-15-16 East, West and North that you posted on March 5th. I rewrote all my paths and everything has been fine.
As I have done before, I filter my report by rack location and print the report for that rack.
I recently picked up more wine and to fill the racks I had to spread the bottles out in the three different racks. I am trying to figure out how to create a filter that can include bottle paths from another rack location. In the attachment you can see the ID 86 has bottles in the East, West and North Racks. If I filter a report using rack location “West”, I’d like to see 86 in the rack graphic and W Col R row 1 in the report.

multi.PNG (23.04 Kio) Consulté 4874 fois

It would seem that in the rack location I need wording that will work to include other bottles when I use the filter builder.
Or using the correct function in the filter builder?

filter builder.PNG
filter builder.PNG (17.54 Kio) Consulté 4874 fois

Thanks for any help.
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